Here is what some of da clients had to say:

Michelle and Raymond,

Thanks for the best wishes. We wish you the same for next year.

I'm very proud, that you use my pictures for the new leaflet of Sandboarding. Real great.

We never forget the township tour and the sandboarding. Two lovely days of our holiday. Please say hallo to General. We never forget the click-lessons. If you want more pictures in original size, please contact.

For more pictures, check the website

Hello & Merry Christmas!

Way back in June I under took one of your township tours just outside of Swakopmund.  At the time  I promised I would send throught the photos I took of the kids, and emailed them through to Michelle Lewis back in August, but I never quite got around to running off prints until now.  With it being so close to Christmas I've but a small parcel together with the photos and a few small gifts for the children which I have placed in the post addressed
to your offices.  I was hoping that when it arrives you might be so kind as to distribute the photos/ gifts to the children.  I hope this is okay.

Have a Happy Christmas & New Year

Best Wishes

Clare Goode

Hi Michelle, glad you like them. We had a good time at the township. Have a look at and then use the menu on the right to find "Places", " Namibia ". Here you will see the pictures I took at your township amongst other pics. Use the drop-down box on the top left to jump to an image. The photos from the township start with "Swakopmund...". You can press the "select" button underneath each picture, and when you have selected all photos you want, click "view/send selection" and follow the prompts. I will then be in touch.


Hello Michelle --
My name is Brad Carss and I had the pleasure to participate in your cultural tour of townships of Swakopmund in April.  As I told Lena , when we were in her house, she was the cultural highlight of my two-month visit to Africa !  Thank you for creating this wonderful experience. I am attaching several pictures I took of the children and dancers we met on the tour.  I also took many minutes of video.  I hope you can share these images with the kids. Thank you for sharing the cultural, culinary and dancing experiences of your community.

Brad Carss California , USA


I am a French teacher and I work with Michèle Bérard (from France ),which you already know on a project about Namibia .

We have a group of 22 French teenagers ( about 13) who are looking for Namibian teenagers to exchange occasional letters , talk about themselves, their families, surroundings...& practise their English at the same time!

We can also send you photos and other documents about the place we are.

We study your country, culture, history... and try to get to know more the Namibian people.

Michèle told me you might know some boys / girls interested in this project.

I hope this will work and I'm looking forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards (from France )

Sabine Gibert

Dear Ms. /Mrs. Michelle Lewis,

I took part in a guided tour through Mondesa in September. There Winfried handed out a flyer which at the backside named your e-mail address concerning all questions of supporting the community.

As I am interested in supporting the people of Mondesa, I'd like you to give me some information which may be needed, esp. at the local schools or kindergardens.

I am really looking forward to your answer.

A lot of greetings from Germany,
Paola Langer