Here's some information about these tours:
We start off the tour on foot through the streets of Mondesa taking the opportunity to chat with the local people and getting a fascinating glimpse into a typical Namibian township and learn about their cultures and traditions.

Then we hop back into the township mobile and drive out to the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC). During the brief drive we pass through Meduletu, NHE and government based housing projects. This is a wonderful sight to see; because people finally have the opportunity to buy low cost houses.

THE DRC: This is fondly named the ‘reception area' (people waiting for houses to be built) and in the past was supposed to be temporary but has now become a permanent area for people who cannot afford to buy a house.

The government has allocated money to upgrade this area in the future and promises to bring proper sewage, water and electricity to every home.

  • Daytime tour, we have the opportunity to visit a local kinder garden (crèche). We normally visit ‘Mercy Kinder garden’ in DRC
  • Evening tour (and if we have time on the day tour) we share a cup of fresh mint tea at ERNST & ELSIE house. They have together created a beautiful home. Ernst is an eccentric artist come engineer come entertainer. He is self-employed and hand paints T-shirts, mostly kiddies!

Time for a drink and culinary discoveries… We stop at a local shebeen ‘Back of the Moon’ where TASHA  & Co will host you, Ovambo style !!!
We begin with a few drinks in the Shebeen-African bar\pub and play some pool (snooker)…. then we move over to the ‘Lumbumbashi’ restaurant, a traditional  ‘ovambo’ hut, and indulge in some unusual foods …. our delicious ‘famous’ mopane worms; mahango (millet); Ekaka (wild spinach); omaluvu(traditional african beer-sorgam); omakundu(beans) ; bread; a variety of wild berries and fruit (seasonal) and last but not least Tashas spicy bar-b-q chook(depending on the amount of people). YUMMMMMM !!!!!!!

Sometimes we are honored with the appearance of our fast becoming famous ‘dance troupe’…..the OBS Street Girls performing traditional Ovambo dances. They are wonderful young ladies and very talented. They love the opportunity to write to you as well ...

For your information:
Hata Angu Cultural Tours is involved in different local projects. Many people during the tour ask how they can help and if you would like to support the community in anyway or do some voluntary work, please either e-mail Michelle Lewis at:

     We are also building a football club for the children of the DRC to get them off the streets and playing sports. We encourage them in schoolwork and health. We would appreciate any contribution to help these kids and local schools, kindergardens etc.